Zip, Zap, Zoom – Joomla!

Joomla is a Content Management System with over 35 million downloads and more still in progress. This is due to it being an award-winning open-source. It has a lot of extensions and designs involving a huge society of coders, developers and support staff. It serves well for corporate websites as it is freely available to everyone, allowing one to build websites of all kinds and powerful applications too.

A few mentioned illustrations will tell you all as to what Joomla can do. It can build corporate websites and portals along with intranets and extranets, online magazines, newspapers and publications, E-commerce and online reservations, government applications, websites for small businesses, websites for non-profit organizations, portals for a community, student-based websites, homepages for personal things etc. Joomla is available to anyone under the GPL license. Joomla can also be used for an existing website and a few services that it offers are its website design and development, custom template design and implementation, a design to Joomla conversion, custom modules and component development, module installation, customization, maintenance work for Joomla portals and more.

To create a Joomla website is really simple. The Joomla installation is just a click away on many hosting services. The installation is also possible if you have a Web server with PHP and MySQL. It makes creating and maintaining websites easy for everyone, even for new learners wanting to become IT professionals managing enterprise installations later. So if you are an upcoming magazine or a non-profit organization, the answer for your website creation is Joomla!