Hook Your Customers

Nopcommerce is an open source e-commerce solution built on ASP .NET 4.0 and the backend database based on MySQL. It provides a double functionality where there is an administrative log in the backend and a product catalogue at the front end. It is a secure stand where it allows the user complete freedom to progress in their small and/or large businesses. It is one of the best platforms to develop your business and create an online shopping store.

Because it is an open source, its download is available easily and that too free of cost. Therefore a lot of expenses are not included in the making of websites using ‘nopcommerce’. Its powerful functionalities stabilize the website and it works as an ingenious platform for online shopping. Nopcommerce has a fabulous structured architecture simplifying the jobs of the creators to make and manage websites on here. It makes transformation in functionalities an easy job for the manager of the website. The various functions of this platform are an answer to almost all online businesses.

They include – designing, development, installation, maintenance, support and a wide range of payment options. An intelligent use of this platform will make your website flawless catering to all the needs of the customers ranging from shipping and tracking services to a list of products and services offered. The areas which need to be done well would be its custom web and template designing, module development and integration. It works as a great store setup and is the key for e-commerce/web based applications, making your small or big business a success.