For Verbose People

What is CMS? The full-form of this abbreviation is Content Management System wherein one can maintain the content of a web-site. You don’t need to be a programmer or know HTML in order to handle this web-site. Basic Microsoft Word knowledge will work for your way around the making and managing of this kind of web-site. You don’t need any technical training as this particular system is very easy to add/delete images and to proofread/edit your text.

A lot of companies are taking CMS up, to keep their company information updated and getting newer and newer content on it on a regular basis. Professional web-sites have turned to CMS as in no time their content is online. A CMS has two elements within it, content management application (CMA) and content delivery application (CDA). The CMA lets the content manager to create, change or delete the content from the web-site without any kind of expertise in the technical field whereas the CDA uses and collects the data to revise the web-site. The features of the CMS system differ based on a setting or the motive of a person or a project.

The main features consist of Web-based publishing, managing the format (can convert into HTML or PDF format), revising (updating to the latest version or saving in the old version keeping a track of who makes the changes) and indexing, as well as searching and retrieving (search for data using keywords). You can create or re-work on the content using templates, wizards or other tools. An uncomplicated method to write and publish massively even though technically challenged.