Create Your Own Store

The name itself suggests that OpenCart is an open source for your shopping cart system. It is designed to enrich features, is user friendly and affordable with a long list of OpenCart features. It is a pre-developed shopping cart solution, an answer to the wide range of queries of an eCommerce website. It is an effective source for one to trade online with a designed framework that wouldn’t suit all sorts of businesses.

The OpenCart framework is used to build a website with the standard code to meet all the functionalities required for your website. It’s attractive interface makes one want to use it and it is also search engine friendly. It offers a lot of solutions like a list mentioning unlimited categories, products and manufacturers, it provides multilingual and currency options, gives out the product reviews and ratings, the best is that it is an open source, its documentation is free, it resizes the images automatically, it offers a lot of payment options and shipping ways and more. In future you will already have an existing website on OpenCart so making changes over here would also be simple.

You could add extra features in the future based on your business growth and the only thing then would be the installation of modules/patches where the change is required. It is an eCommerce website that is simple to work with and is super fast too. To build templates in it is easy and it is indeed a powerful platform that is inexpensive. It carries a perfect front-end and a backend. You need nothing more besides this for creating a shop online.