Major Features

  • Multiple Brands products available on single store.
  • Can give all content and categories with detail Description.
  • User friendly UI
  • Category wise Blog and feeds.
  • Descriptions of each product with actual look and feel of the content.
  • Latest updated items uploads with whole description.
  • Can do chat to get any kind of Information or query clarification.
  • Can get the details about products through the videos and Images.
  • Integrate all products with popular E-shopping site so can purchase from there also.

Client came up with an idea like

  • Client was having established watches business from which he wanted to establish it over the web.
  • Client wanted to have a precise website in which he can cover different Brands items and information of all watches.
  • So initially he managed the website with few contents down the road.
  • Slowly from a simple static website he was willing to create a huge website through which people can convey information and have a perfect idea about their products.
  • People can get the information in form of videos, images and Description content about the products.
  • That is why client wanted to have a dynamic CMS website using which he can make manage different content of the website.

What we proposed and implemented

  • We analyzed initial issues and technical incapability of the client Business process channel.
  • We can use some content from the previous website and collect from the client.
  • Also we created a huge website platform so that all customers can easily get the information about any brand watches.
  • Can easily purchase the products after review whole products details.
  • Provided blog facility was appreciated a lot afterwards.
  • Each menu option and its appropriate category and content was highlighted and presented well by MSP team.
  • We also gave the customized search functionality. For that we developed a custom plug in as per provided keyword and criteria.

Result Obtained

  • Resultant is a one-step solution, where user can rely to website and get all the different Brands of products.
  • As per the client’s goal and our helpful solution, client gets one of the most recognizable and reputable online sellers of high-end authentic watches in the world.
  • Each associated category was driven by the peoples.
  • More and more selling on the website were opted along with highest growth of business to the client.

ROI and Benefits

  • Client gets more visitors and customers.
  • Increase the ratio of selling of products.
  • Increase the ratio of customers.
  • Give satisfaction to users through provide the details of products videos, Images, Content.


  • PHP Framework 5.5.9
  • jQuery 1.8.2
  • MySQL Database
  • Apache Web Server