Major Features

  • Easy to share with world to share your opinions and comments.
  • Can provide review, posts, following, followers, and rates on particular topics.
  • To take decision get opinion informed straight from the Cam Rate Community.
  • Can explore, find and rate posts by others.
  • Provide Alerts and followers of favorite posts.
  • Share with social media Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter, and Email.
  • Category wise Menu options
  • User friendly UI

Client came up with an idea like

  • Client was having established app to share the different kinds of information with different social media which he wanted to establish it over mobile application.
  • Client wanted to have a precise app in which he can cover all the sharing related functionality.
  • So initially he managed the website with few contents down the road.
  • Slowly from a simple app he was willing to create a huge app through which people can share their ideas and knowledge also can get the review and rating as per comments.
  • User can also share their favorite foods, Books, Music, Films, cars etc. with their friends.
  • Users can get the alert and notification for any event.

What we proposed and implemented

  • We analyzed client requirement and understand actual share feature.
  • We can collect information from the client which can be used in app.
  • Also we create share app in that user can share favorites as well as can share comments.
  • Users also can get notification and alert.
  • Each menu option and its appropriate category and content was highlighted and presented well by MSP team.
  • Can integrate with social media on face book, twitter.

Result Obtained

  • Users can easily share their favorite’s things on social media and get the no. of posts, following, followers, rates.
  • Users can get the review, rating and comments on that shared topic to take better decision.
  • Users get the notification and alert for different events.
  • Each associated with social media accounts.

ROI and Benefits

  • Client gets viewers and readers in bulk.
  • Increase in advertising and participating users.
  • Increase in Social Media Activities.
  • Use users can share their details information with their friends to get review, ratings.


  • Android / iOS
  • PHP Framework
  • jQuery 1.7.2
  • MySQL Database
  • Apache Web Server