Major Features

  • Increase your visibility.
  • Can easily search sports play platform.
  • Through these player can register with different events like Clubs, Leagues, Tournaments, Pickup Game.
  • Communicate directly with your users.
  • Can easily search by location as well as by sport.
  • Can provide Latest updates, Sport where offers etc.
  • Can get the review and likes from the players for different clubs.

Client came up with an idea like

  • Client was having established online website related to player platform.
  • Client wanted to have a precise website in which he can cover all the hot clubs and information across.
  • Also can get different Events details and schedules.
  • Players can get the company to play and practice with their friends.
  • Players can give reviews and like to different clubs based on define popular platform define.

What we proposed and implemented

  • We analyzed initial current problems and technical incapability of the previous website.
  • We are collect some content from the client to feed in to websites.
  • Also we created a huge website platform so that useful to all players to join in this also participate in different events of clubs.
  • Give option to search the place by sport and location.
  • Can provide facility to add club list with proper details.
  • Can share with social media accounts like twitter, Face book, Google+, Instagram, YouTube.
  • Each menu option and its appropriate category and content was highlighted and presented well by MSP team.
  • We also gave the customized search functionality.

Result Obtained

  • Web platform allows you to find a sports field to play with your friends, a sports center or to register for a sports activity (Clubs, Leagues, Tournaments, Pickup Game) in just a few clicks.
  • As per the client’s goal and our helpful solution, players get the different clubs information.
  • Can add the clubs list do with all necessary information.
  • Players can participate with different events on different platform (Clubs).
  • Can join more players

ROI and Benefits

  • Client gets viewers and readers in bulk.
  • Increase in advertising and participating of players in different platforms.
  • Popular through share on different social Media.


  • WordPress 4.6.2
  • jQuery
  • MySQL Database
  • Apache Web Server