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    Major Features

    • User friendly UI
    • Fully Functional and Refined Education System
    • Superior Image processing and presentation of each service, culture, respect, events, alumni etc.
    • Gardening in our organic edible community garden

    Client came up with an idea like

    • Previous website was in the static HTML form.
    • Client was not able to attract enough students and their parents and was not in a position to cope up with the competition.
    • Website was sort of a boring and simple in look.
    • They were facing many problems in managing the enquiries generated online as the data base was not maintained well.

    What we proposed and implemented

    • We analyzed initial issues and technical incapability of the previous website.
    • We proposed them to create a fully functional WordPress website with all the features they want.
    • Client wanted to attract more and more students so as they can spread their services and educate the youth.
    • We gave the solution in which we created separate theme for the website and made it more interactive, making it more user friendly and made all information available to any person visiting the website.
    • All the members of the website will be able to receive all the regular updates easily and can also look for the same on the website for more detailed information regarding any event to hold.
    • We created customized images and themes as per business standards and business types.
    • We created images and themes in a way that website visitor will be come to know about the services offered by the website.
    • So in that case Westland School can attract more and more students and can educate as much youth as possible.

    Result Obtained

    • Westland School got many recipients and the number of students turning up raised exponentially per annum.
    • Now people were able to review the features offered by the school by the photographs incorporated on the website.
    • Also all the aluminates got the easiest way to get in touch with the school and the old sweet memories they had.
    • Because of the J-Query banner technology introduced, people were able to experience the practical knowledge and guidance that was offered by the school.

    ROI and Benefits

    • People were educated and informed about the school in their own area with ease and flair.
    • All the information needed was readily available straight and effortless.
    • Because of the design offered by us of including the video feedback on the website, people were easily satisfied with the quality of the education and practical approach towards life that had to be offered by the school.


    • WordPress 3.6
    • Google Analytics
    • JQuery Banners
    • PHP Framework
    • Apache Web Server
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