Transitions for the Better

Magento shopping cart is an open-source, e-commerce platform allowing the online business people to make changes as and when they wish to. The Magento Customization service runs mostly on operating systems that are commonly used like Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, etc. Magento customization can mean adding some features for the development of your shopping website. Changes can be done on almost anything from the website. Let’s take customizing the theme as an example and work our way around it. You can customize the styles like the colour and size of the text in the Theme Editor which formats different sections of the page. The theme can be your own design by exploring and experimenting with the many settings. A few things can be done to create a new working version of a theme. In the Admin Menu, select Design -> Themes Editor. Now select your choice of theme and customize it. Give the Theme Name and Theme Description. Click on Save and you will find extra options on your left. The next step is to launch the Design Settings Editor. You can make appropriate changes in the CSS styles without the usage of any code. From the panel on the left, go to Design Settings Editor. Click for expansion with the desired changes in the settings. Select property values that you want and further click on Save and Continue Edit button. Your theme has its own place now in the My Customizations section of the Theme Editor. Saving your work should never be forgotten while customization.