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MODX is one other platform working as a content management system (CMS) for many websites providing effective results. It’s customization feature allows the user to use the functionalities as per their need. So, whatever it is, managing or publishing any web content, MODX is the answer to it all. PSD is used for a lot of layouts to be developed on it which is further transferred to platforms using codes, where MODX is one such platform.

We at MSP provide satisfactory site conversion services that has carved our name amongst the best site conversion companies in India. In order to convert from PSD every minute detail is to be taken care of perfectly wherein XHTML/CSS will also be used for effective results and for that our MODX developers, live up to just fine. Some of our PSD to MODX conversion services involve working on cross-browser compatibility, SEO optimization and pixel-precise design integration. We are one of the best PSD to MODX conversion companies in India as we provide our clients with quality work which is also cost-effective.

Our PSD to MODX conversion team excel in the much needed services for the same like slicing and converting PSD to MODX, PSD to MODX module/theme, custom theme and template development, extensions installer & secure CSS menu builder, custom module development, installation and configuration and finally PSD to MODX integration. You wouldn’t come across any other web development company which would be as experienced and talented as MSP, so we say grab our services now and see the change in your ongoing business.

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