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Innovated Technology at its Finest

The latest shopping cart solution for this new generation is PrestaShop Development. Your half of the problem is solved if you wish to be an online business neck-to-neck with the other successful online businesses if you opt for PrestaShop. Not just a good platform, PrestaShop also provides you with high-quality development services. It is an open source e-Commerce solution under the open software license. It is one of the leading platforms today.

PrestaShop is founded by Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Leveque at Paris, France in 2007. It serves well for small to medium-sized online businesses. It is based on Smarty Template engine. It is built to utilize web 2.0 innovations like AJAX features and design and development facilities like never seen before. It is very speedy and lightweight even though it has complex technicalities and advanced functionalities. It is really simple to download, install and update. There are many advantages of PrestaShop like its flexibility – easy to add and delete categories in order to customize making it customer-centric, lightweight – it is approximate just 6 MB and customers with slow internet connection will not face a hard time and rather enjoy their shopping, interface – the creative look grabs the attention of a customer guiding them carefully throughout the web store, themes – a wide range of themes are available for your selection or the option of modifying those as per your requirements is given too, etc.

More than 100,000 shops online are using PrestaShop as it is capable of working on any OS. Enough reason for you to use PrestaShop?

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