Got an Android Smart-phone?

What next? Well, creating a smart app for this smart user of the smart-phone. So, we start creating the app using “eclipse mobile juno” as a development environment. To begin with click on File ->New -> Project. Now, select the application template; set the name of the project and package in this new opened wizard. Click ‘Next’ and here one needs to provide a unique project and package name as it will be used by Eclipse only.

Further, one needs to select “Minimum Required SDK” from the drop-down menu and then select “Target SDK” and later select “Compile With” for your code to be compiled. Move to the next step by selecting icons, providing some other information and the name of your activity along with its Navigation Type. Give the Activity and Layout name as desktop application or Web page in web application. Give the Navigation type as ‘None’. Click on the Finish button and Eclipse will generate a start-up activity. Your “Package Explorer” is on the left-hand side of your project in Eclipse. The “HelloWorld” application displays a lot of files and folders. These auto-generated folders should be worked upon one by one with the help of an android developer.

After those are taken care of, one needs to run the application. For that one has to configure the emulator by clicking on Window ->Android Virtual Device Manager. A pop up will open up where a new Virtual device has to be created. Further right click on the application “Package Explorer” on your left and click on Run As -> Android Application. The application will be compiled and executed in the emulator. Your HelloWorld application will be seen after the emulator has started. The rest from here on is exploration, my friend.