Data and Application Migration

Data migration is the process where data is moved between different storage types, formats or computer systems. The data is usually transferred using programs so that the transfer is done automatically and not manually where it would become a difficult task for humans to complete. There are different reasons due to which data migration is to be done like when server/storage equipment needs replacement or upgrading, website consolidation, server maintenance and data centre relocation. Application migration is similar to data migration, where the only difference is that instead of data, the applications are transferred to different environmental locations.

MSP is a distinguished data and application migration company where our talented team-members use the ‘Extract and Load’ steps to transfer data from one system to another. Our data migration team follows the three basic steps to transfer the data; merge the systems from two companies in the latest one, transfer one system to the other and allow the systems to be the way they are along with creating a common view where all the data is stored.

We are also well-known for our application migration where our team again provides their best for our client to get used to the new location. Application migration also involves data migration within it and our team comes up with methods to store and take care of its data sources. During the transfer of data and application our team takes care of organizing and coding the data properly, establishing a good migration strategy, transforming needs as per the codes and they use their coding techniques appropriately. Hire us and get our extraordinary data and application migration services!

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