According to experts, HTML5 is the future of web development. It combines the powers of HTML and XHTML into a powerful platform.

HTML5 and CSS have revolutionized web design and development methods. HTML5 is one of the most versatile and powerful platforms today and is heavily incorporated into a variety of websites. Need feature rich content? Build an HTML5 website. It also enables better integration of multimedia like videos and audio which lets you say goodbye to Flash and the likes.

HTML5 web design has many benefits, namely improved semantics, much cleaner code and improved accessibility. CSS3 on the other hand offers increased flexibility in presenting web content taking navigational and effect user experienced to a new level.

Advantages of HTML5 and CSS3 Development:

  • Supported by major browsers
  • HTML 5 making website highly interactive & SEO friendly
  • No need for any third party software
  • Can create cross device compatible websites

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