BizTalk is a Microsoft technology for accessing the various business platforms, applications and websites by the organization’s employees, clients and partners on a single platform. It uses adapters to communicate with different software systems used in the organization and integrating business processes while enabling B2B communication.

Great! So what can MSP Concept’s BizTalk Development team help me with?

MSP Concepts can assist your business in creating a dynamic work environment through seamless integration of various processes. Data transfer and management becomes flawless and aligned with BizTalk and we will ensure a clean migration process so that your data is neither breached nor lost in the process. We can assist you in the following ways with our BizTalk Solutions –

  • Web solutions integration
  • Integrating messaging portals
  • Integrating Microsoft and Non-Microsoft enterprise technologies
  • Creating user guidelines and defining authorizations
  • BizTalk support and maintenance
  • End-to-end BizTalk migration