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Skoolbuzz is the next big thing in schooling. Designed to keep schools, teachers, parents, and most importantly students on the same wavelength, Skoolbuzz is the most effective tool to ensure information and effective communication management and ultimately, the improvement of students’ performances.

  • Skoolbuzz is an ideal communication platform for schools, teachers, parents, and most importantly students.
  • Parents and students are given necessary updates with regards to important school activities and events.
  • Daily agenda, attendance, timetable, exam details and results, along with teachers’ comments, can be viewed to keep a check on how students are progressing.
  • Skoolbuzz also allows parents to have multiple child details on the same interface even if they are enrolled in different schools thanks to the common platform.
  • Provides reminders, notifications and shares photographs, videos of special events held in school like fests, sports, carnival, and children’s day programs and so on.
  • All assigned homework would be displayed on the Skoolbuzz mobile app as well on its user friendly web portal, ensuring that you go to school next day without any worries.


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