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    Major Features

    • Skoolbuzz is the next big thing in schooling. Designed to keep schools, teachers, parents, and most importantly students on the same wavelength.
    • With Skoolbuzz, schools can save a lot of financial resources that would be otherwise spent on a ton of paperwork. It is easy to implement, and once implemented, it guarantees effective communication between schools, students and parents. Schools can also communicate with one another when necessary.
    • Perfect tool for managing reminders, notifications, outstanding fee payments, fee payment history etc.
    • Schools can trust Skoolbuzz to manage permission letters with parent’s digital signatures apart from sending reminder letters to parents.
    • Parents are notified of all school activities and events, as well as exam results, help them to monitor the progress of their children. Parents can also get in touch with school authorities directly through Skoolbuzz.
    • Students are given regular updates with regards to important tasks to be completed. Their performances are critiqued by teachers, and they can rectify their weaknesses to improve themselves in the long run.

    Client came up with an idea like

    • Client come up with an Idea to develop such a platform where everyone can take benefit of Schooling Process.
    • From school management to teachers to parents to students, This Platform provides a multitude of positives that ultimately helps both schools and students to develop and grow.

    What we proposed and implemented

    • As far as students are concerned, Skoolbuzz provides regular updates with regards to the time table, examination dates, and the syllabus to be prepared for particular examinations.
    • An online student diary / agenda would be maintained for easier access to important tasks and homework.
    • Automatic reminders for various important school events.
    • All assigned homework would be displayed on the Skoolbuzz mobile app as well on its user friendly web portal, ensuring that you go to school next day without any worries.
    • Teachers can personally get in touch with students through Skoolbuzz and provide input on how to improve performance.
    • Whenever permission of parents is required, it can be easily done using digital signature.
    • Results of examinations and tests would be published online, along with the teachers’ inputs, to guide students in the right direction. It is also a great way for parents to track the student’s development.
    • Parents can directly interact with school management, eliminating the need for customary parent-teacher meetings. Parents are also notified about any fees outstanding as well as receipt of fees.
    • For School, it reduces paperwork and saves a lot of money that would be otherwise spent on bulk mails, SMS, and other conventional communication systems.
    • School management can also get in touch with other schools and institutes, thereby uniting the school education system.

    Result Obtained

    • With so many fantastic features to boast of, Skoolbuzz bring a revolution in schooling. Skoolbuzz helps everyone; school management, teachers, parents, and most importantly, students!
    • 100% safe and secure and provides you full control.
    • With the phenomenal development in technology and high-end software systems being introduced, education sector offers a new level of experience and quality.

    ROI and Benefits

    • Client can get success to engagement more School, Parent, and student.
    • Reduce time and Paperwork of all the User.
    • Skoolbuzz is an effective promotional tool that can be used to boost the reputation of a school significantly.
    • With Schoolbuzz, Client will reach to highest growth of his business area.


    • Core PHP
    • jQuery
    • MySQL Database
    • Apache Web Server
    • Android (Java)
    • iOS (Objective C)


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