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    Major Features

    • User will be able to make payments to any person online.
    • User can choose any one method to send Money : 1) Mobile Number 2) Email ID 3) Bank
    • With the app, credit card users can pay for the following: Tuition and Coaching Institute, School Fees, Home Rent, Office Rent, Real Estate Agent, Contractors Payment, Utility Payments, Freelancers, Interior Design, Gym, Wedding Planner and many More.
    • User will get all transaction and transaction Status with details.
    • Accept all major cards issued by Indian banks.
    • Secure and Safe for Transaction.
    • Admin have access to verify the customer, and all transaction detail.

    Client came up with an idea like

    • Client come up with Idea about provide digital payment Platform to niche clients i.e. credit card holders. Limitless amount transfers which cannot be done via existing digital payment sites, can be done with Paidkiya.
    • Using the Application, Payments against Credit Cards can be done to any mobile phone number (virtual person), any bank account or email id with simple 2 minute login and document verification process online.

    What we proposed and implemented

    • We analyzed Client Business Process and given reference document.
    • We Prove One Step Solution to Client. We develop Web Admin, Web Application and and Mobile application.
    • Credit card holders able to create Account and Upload PAN card. Once Admin will verify KYC, User will able to use Paidkiya Services.
    • User will get all transaction and transaction Status with details.
    • Admin have feature like verify user. Make an eye on each Transaction. Also able to set commission on each transaction.
    • Admin have excess of dashboard from where he can monitor all the major actions.

    Result Obtained

    • Paidkiya don’t have set any limit for daily transactions or amounts. PaidKiya is the only platform in India to transfer unlimited amount via your credit card to your payees.
    • 100% safe and secure digital payment Platform.
    • PaidKiya helps credit card owners to leverage their credit limits on one hand. On theanother, payment made by customer credit cards will give extra financial freedom to channelize customer’s money more smartly.

    ROI and Benefits

    • Client able to engagement more Customer.
    • Give satisfaction to users through provide facility.
    • Provide more and more growth of business to the client.


    • PHP – CodeIgniter Framework
    • jQuery
    • MySQL Database
    • Apache Web Server


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