What are WCF and WPF?

WCF: Windows Communication Foundation. It is meant for designing and deploying distributed applications under service-oriented architecture (SOA) implementation.

WPF: Windows Presentation Foundation. It is a computer-software graphical subsystem for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications.

Great! So what can MSP Concept’s WCF and WPF Development team help me with?

  • RIA with WPF
  • User Interface design and WPF application
  • WPF application development
  • WCF/WPF application development
  • Customized WPF data grid and WCF applications
  • WCF/WPF development services and consultation
  • Integrating audio and video with Windows media streaming
  • Integrating WPF functionality for greater interactivity
  • Support WPF/WCF Integration

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