PHP Basic Training Course, PHP Basic Training, PHP Coaching in India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad

Learn basic PHP, PHP programming, PHP coding. PHP training course for beginners. Designed for developers who are just approaching PHP for the first time, our introductory PHP course teaches the basics of good PHP programming practices.

If you know very little about PHP this is the course for you it will get into PHP and writing code in no time! Gets detailed understanding of PHP Basic training course detail from an India’s leading PHP training institute in Ahmedabad, located at Gujarat.

We are providing high quality training in Basic PHP by PHP professional.

Here is PHP Basic Course Content which we cover:

Introduction of PHP

  • What is PHP
  • MySQL Database
  • Apache Server
  • Basic PHP Syntax and Comments

PHP Variables

  • Understanding and Declaring Variables
  • Naming Variable
  • Classes & Objects
  • Expression
  • Data Types

PHP Opertaors

  • Data Types
  • Assignment Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators

Conditional Statements & Looping

  • Conditional Statements
  • The If…Else Statement
  • The Switch Statement
  • The while and do Statement
  • For and Foreach Loop

PHP Fuctions

  • Using Functions
  • Create a PHP Function
  • Adding parameters
  • Return values

Numbers, Strings

  • Numeric Manipulation
  • Strings in PHP
  • Concatenation Operator
  • String functions

Array, Regular Expressions

  • What is Array
  • Numeric Array
  • Associative Array
  • Multidimensional Array
  • Complex string manipulation by using powerful regular expressions

OOPS – PHP Classes and Objects

  • Introduction To OOPS and basics
  • Private, Protected and Public class
  • Overriding and Overloading
  • Object Interface

Forms and Date Time

  • PHP Form Handling
  • Form Validation
  • The $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST Variable
  • Different Date & TimeFunctions
  • Date arithmetic to get future and past date

Database – MySQL

  • PHP with MySQL
  • Database connection
  • Using queries to deal with DB
  • Store and retrieve data from database

PHP Projects (Advance Training)

Professional Advance PHP Training, PHP Training Center in India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad

This advanced PHP training course further develops the skills of experienced PHP Programmers by introducing them to advanced techniques, tools.

Advanced course is designed to teach PHP developers already working with Zend Framework. In this advanced PHP training course, students will learn advanced features of the PHP web programming language.

Motto of Advance PHP training course aims to teach a set of basic, intermediate and advanced skills for implementing practical, industrial-strength PHP-based enterprise Web application development.

Join our course and get high skills in advance PHP programming, at a professional training class.

Here is Advance PHP course content which we cover:

Advanced PHP training introduction

  • Working with Arrays > Sorting arrays
  • Variable Scope in PHP
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • The If and While Constructors


  • Declaring Functions
  • Passing data by reference
  • Functions with variable arguments

Including code in scripts

Managing Web sessions

  • Using PHP Session handling
  • Managing sessions across multiple servers
  • PHP Cookie Handling

Handling Date & Time in PHP

  • Displaying dates & times
  • Parsing a date or time
  • Generating relative times

Sending email with PHP

  • Using PHP’s email functions
  • Sending simple emails
  • Sending HTML emails
  • Working with web forms

PERL Regular Expressions

Object Oriented Programming and PHP5

  • PHP 5 Objects
  • Class Inheritance
  • Autoloading Classes
  • Constructors & Destructors
  • Member & Method Visibility
  • The static keyword
  • Abstract Classes
  • Object Interfaces
  • Overloading
  • Class Members

PHP Design Patterns

  • About Design Patterns
  • The Factory Pattern
  • The Singleton Pattern
  • The Observer Pattern
  • The Chain of Command Pattern

Try & Catch Exception handling

  • Handling PHP Exceptions
  • Using Try & Catch blocks
  • The Exception Object
  • Generating Custom Exceptions
  • Multiple Catch Blocks
  • Default Exception Processing

Debugging PHP Code

  • PHP Error Handling
  • PHP Debugging Tools > Creating Conditional Debug Code
  • Creating Custom Error Handlers
  • Suppressing Errors

Leveraging Existing Code using PEAR & PECL

  • Introduction to PEAR

Building Client-Server Applications

  • Client-Server Programming models
  • Understanding XML-RPC > Sample XML-RPC Conversation
  • Creating an XML-RPC Client
  • Encapsulating Values with XML_RPC_Value Objects
  • Retrieving data from a XML_RPC_Value() Object
  • Sending the Message & Receiving the Response > A Sample XML-RPC Client
  • Creating an XML-RPC Server > A Sample XML-RPC Server

Sending Multi-Part Email

  • The PEAR::Mail Class
  • Intializing PEAR::Mail
  • Sending a Message
  • Using the PEAR::Mail_Mime Class
  • Creating a new Mail_Mime Object
  • Sending Messages with both HTML and Text
  • Attaching Files to Email Messages
  • Attaching Graphics to Email Messages
  • Generating Message Bodies & Adding Custom Headers

Accessing Databases using PHP

  • Using PDO
  • Reasons to use PDO
  • Transactions & Concurrency
  • Specifying Connection Properties (the DSN)
  • Construction Queries
  • Executing Queries
  • Working with SELECT Results
  • Errors Returned from Queries

Smarty Templates

  • Understanding Smarty Templates
  • How Smarty Works
  • Installing Smarty
  • Setting up Smarty
  • Setting Smarty Directories
  • Creating the Smarty Object
  • Creating TPL Files
  • Setting up Smarty Config Files
  • Smarty Variable Modifiers
  • Escaping Data
  • Combining Modifiers
  • Smarty Conditionals
  • Looping through values using {section} & {foreach}
  • Other Common Smarty Functions
  • Smarty Class Variables
  • Smarty Methods
  • Configuring Smarty Caching
  • Using Caching
  • Multiple Smarty caches per page
  • Common Caching Methods
  • Mix & Match Caching
  • Scaling Caching

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