Android has captured the imagination of millions and has a wide user base across the world. It is the fastest growing operating system in the market and captures the smartphone and tablet market. Android applications enjoy a greater market share since it is an open source platform and the cost effective devices are accessible to many users.

MSP Concepts has offered mobile application solutions to clients long before Android made its foray into the markets and continued to grow with every new version of the operating system that was launched. We use the Android SDK and designing tools such as PhotoShop to create user-friendly, intuitive and responsive mobile applications for the Android platform. We work with clients from the stage of conceptualising the application to deploying it on the Play Store. Apart from a feature rich application with an intuitive user interface, we also ensure that the application receives timely updates and upgrades so that it stays current and fresh.

At MSP Concepts we believe in working with clients not as their vendors, but as their partners. We understand that we have high stakes involved in the client’s success, since our good reputation depends on how well the product performs and benefits their business. Also, our thorough understanding of the Android platform and its various versions enables us to advise you on compatibility matters, in terms of both, technical and business relevance.